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30 April, 2010

Re*volution Art Exhibition on Now!

It was a fabulous exhibition opening last night! Thank you to all who came! For those who missed the opening, the exhibition lasts until the 5th May. Please feel free to come and enjoy the great artworks at the Junktique Art Space.

29 April, 2010

Re*volution Exhibition opening TODAY 29th 6pm !!!

Robert and Maiike Pullars Exhibition opens today in out Junktique Art Space ............ at 6 pm

Having seen the pieces arrive yesterday I know it will be a great exhibition and a fun evening.

The salvaged furniture brought back to life by Robert and Maiike is quite exceptional, combining art with functionality. Not only they look amazing they are practical pieces of furniture that can find a place in any artlovers house.

The collection includes, sideboards, cabinets , armchairs, stools, chairs and of course Art .....
here have a sneak preview .......

hope to see you tonight at 6 pm for the opening ...

For those that can not make it tonight, the exhibition will run for a week so come in on the week-end .


10 April, 2010


The pictures from Sam Rey's exhibition "Wrapture" are finally up for all to see!

It was a great night with a fantastic atmosphere, many pieces where sold.
Sam's coulorful and engaging collection provided a great start to an exciting new exhibition space. Many more to come!

06 April, 2010


Junktique 62 Glebe Point Rd Glebe NSW

Robert and Maaike Pullar together with Junktique present Re*volution, an exhibition of handcrafted furniture.

Inspired by the beauty of forlorn, unwanted furniture and salvaged building materials the pair have worked independently of one another until recently, developing their own style and approach.

A central coast architect who enjoys getting his hands dirty, Rob splits his time between his residential practice, Artichoke Design Studios, and Bricolage, his furniture line. Bricolage refers to the creation of a work from a diverse range of things which happen to be available, and is precisely the process Rob adopts. Each piece is coaxed from weathered industria and painted remnants of discarded timbers. Artful splicing of timber and ephemera ensure that each table, cupboard or plinth is unique. Bricolage has exhibited through Artists in the Gardens at the Sydney Botanical Gardens, as well as galleries on the central coast.

Maaike trained in design and currently manages a sustainable Reuse Co-operative in Sydney's Inner West. Unable to resist unusual and often unappreciated furniture, Maaike introduces pieces found on street curbs and in second hand stores to a raucous colour palette of salvaged fabrics. Each chair is used as a canvas for textile art covering an array of themes from revolutionary propaganda to industrial stencils and irreverent deconstruction of familiar pop culture icons. Her work is currently on display in several galleries in Marrickville, and is the subject of her popular DIY instructional blog.

Re*volution is Maaike's first exhibition in Sydney and the first collaboration for the father - daughter pair. The exhibition will run for five days from opening night on Thursday the 29th of April to 5th of May.

Further Information:
Maaike Pullar
0431 901 247

Bricolage (Artichoke Design Studios)
Contact Robert
02 43821930

Contact Paolo
02 8060 5817
62 Glebe Pt Rd Glebe