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29 January, 2011

B & B Italia Sofa

B & B Italia Sofa...one of the top Italian design firms.

This one is super-comfy. Some interesting fading on the fabric has given it this unique copper colour. Yes, Super Comfy.

Be quick! A pub-size pool table / air hockey table

This just in! A pub-size pool table that flips over into an air hockey table. Comes complete with 2x pool cues, full set of pool balls, 4x air hockey pushers and a bunch of pucks...

24 January, 2011

Do you have any scratches ?

( We mean on your furniture )

magic .... magic ...magic ... It works !!

07 January, 2011

Explore Junktique !

Check this out and please tell us what you think of it ........!
we have been asked to explain what Junktique is and came up with this ..... does it do the job ...?